Why Greece is such a great place for yachting ?

Greek Coast

With just under 13,000 kilometers of coastline and over 2,000 islands, Greece can only be discovered really well with a yacht. On a sailing vacation, you can visit the ruins of Ancient Greece, sample a traditional mezé in friendly taverns by the water’s edge, and pause for a while on the country’s most famous party islands for the best nightlife in the Mediterranean.

Take the helm of a beautiful yacht and enjoy longer beats on the open sea heading for the scattered Saronic Islands or take a simple sightseeing tour through the famous Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece.

Sailing in Greece is an almost mythical combination of visual navigation and longer, more demanding passages. The gentle breezes and warm waters of the Ionian Sea invite sailors of all levels of experience to a real adventure, whereas the Saronic Gulf is a suitable area for those looking for a more demanding route. Set sail from our base in Lefkada and embark on a classic tour of the Greek islands or travel to Corfu for a leisurely cruise along the coast. Our base in Athens Zea is the ideal base for exploring the Cyclades and the wider Saronic Gulf.

Yachting vacation in greece

A sailing trip from island to island with a yacht is the best way to discover the Greek way of life from an incredibly beautiful perspective. The bays invite you to swim, snorkel and relax. Whether you are sailing in the Dodecanese, on the Peleponnes, in the Ionian Islands, Sporades or in the Cyclades – the landscapes will inspire you!

For adults, we offer sailing and sailing holidays as well as flotilla vacations in Greece throughout the summer season. The areas range from the Ionian Islands, the Peloponnese , the Cyclades to the Dodecanese.

The co-sailing yachts

The sailing yachts and catamarans in Greece are modern boats that are fully equipped.

The extensive safety and comfort equipment includes a life raft , on- board telephone , life jackets, lifebelts , VHF radio, SATNAV and dinghy. For the comfort on board many newer yachts have been with generators 220V power inverters , Internet, Wi-Fi (for an additional Ge Bühr) equipped, electric winches, electric toilets and air conditioning.

Life on board

As a sailor on the trips in Greece, you need no knowledge. We only require a good buoyancy and a certain personal fitness during the sailing trips for adults. Especially with the daily sailing and anchor maneuvers the physical assistance makes sense.

You will experience a good mix of yachting, sailing, bathing, relaxing, clapping , lounging, enjoying and exploring new shorelines with dreamy coves, deserted islands and vibrant port cities as well as marinas.

Information sailing trips with skipper in Greece
The sailing area in Greece is one of the most attractive areas in the world. All regions are absolutely windproof. The Cyclades stand out here with particularly strong winds.

In Greece sailing with a yacht is still really cheap. There are hardly any expensive marinas, but innumerable small harbors, where you only charge fees in the single-digit euro range.

The coastlines and bays are so varied that they alternate rocky cliffs, great sandy beaches, quiet bays or lively promenades like Paros .

Legendary is the multitude of ancient sites such. B. Delphi or Epidaurus . Historic settlements from ancient times, palaces and castles from the time of the Crusades, monasteries and landscapes as they could not be more different.

Numerous sailing possibilities for your yacht charter in Greece

Greece, with its 3054 islands, of which 87 are inhabited, offers a variety of sailing opportunities and thus an ideal destination for your sailing trip. Exciting excursions and beautiful coastlines, which will impress even experienced sailors, await you with your yacht charter in Greece. The Greek sailing area can be divided into four areas, each of which has two bases. From here you can start your journey. Modern marinas and well-equipped grounds provide for fun and relaxation at anchor. Discover Greece with your yacht charter in Athens and enjoy an unforgettable trip through the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunny climate for your yacht charter: Greece and its islands

Greece has a predominantly Mediterranean climate . So it comes in the dry summer season between May and September to temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. In July and August, the temperature can also rise to up to 40 Â C. Precipitation is rare in this time. However, there may be occasional heat storms . In winter, there is more rain , but the weather remains rather mild. Especially in the summer months, there are therefore ideal conditions for a yacht charter in Greece.

Yacht charter in Greece: Sailing conditions and special features
Water depths and tides around the various bases

In the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades, the tidal range is so small that it can be neglected. In addition, the water level in this area is influenced more by the wind than by the tides.

Even in the Ionian Sea , the tidal range of 0.1 to 0.5 meters is negligible. The surface current here flows counterclockwise north along the coast.

Then it turns west and then flows south along the Italian coast. Throughout the course, the flow is rarely stronger than one to one and a half knots. Only with the narrow sea channels, as with Preveza, it can rise up to three knots.

In the eastern Mediterranean sea ​​level is generally influenced more by the wind than by the tides. In addition, the air pressure affects the water depths. It is true that high air pressure and offshore wind reduce the sea level, low air pressure and onshore wind make it rise.

Wind conditions in Greece and on the islands

In the eastern Mediterranean prevails predominantly the wind system with the name Meltemi . Especially in the Cyclades, Sporades and the Dodecanese in the summer months, this constantly causes strong periods with four to six wind forces, which are particularly noticeable during the day. Towards evening the Meltemi usually fades away. On particularly stormy days, however, he can sometimes reach strengths between six and eight Beaufort, which then make themselves felt at night. These strong wind periods can last up to three days. The wind coming from the northwest makes the area a challenging sailing area for your yacht charter in Greece.

Special attention should be paid to the strong fall gusts on the lee side of the islands, which blow over the anchor bays, as well as cape and jet effects on the island sides or between them.

Somewhat calmer and more consistent in the Ionian Sea. The charter area is dominated here by the thermals. Still rather weak in the morning, the wind does not set in until around noon with the sun rising. Here he can reach up to five Beaufort. From 19 or 20 o’clock then usually there is lull.

Despite its strong maritime climate, Greece has a large number of mountain ranges. Due to the many islands, Greece has an enormous coastline of 13,676 km, of which about 4,000 km are on the Greek mainland.

The Aegean Sea is one of the windiest areas in the Mediterranean. The reason for this is the Meltemi , a wind that blows in summer sunshine.

Sailing in Greece is easy, as there is a fairly well-developed charter infrastructure with modern ports of call such as Athens ( Alimos Marina ), Kos Marina , Rhodes Marina or in Gorgia Marina in Corfu .

The Greek climate is predominantly a Mediterranean climate with humid-mild winters and dry-hot summer months. On the coast it is very mild in winter and it rains more often.