Program of a Typical Cruise

Our yacht charter vacations guarantee a luxurious experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. Our charters give you the chance to experience Greece like never before and our experienced staff are always on hand to ensure every moment of your experience is absolutely perfect. We are committed to yacht charter holidays you won’t forget, and we can’t wait to invite you along on our next trip.

Employing only highly experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic crews, all of our private charters deliver more than our guests can expect or imagine. The beautiful backdrop of the Greek Islands also ensures many moments for the photo album and breath-taking scenes which are hard to forget.
Our boats are ready and waiting for their next charter and are designed to ensure a luxurious and unforgettable experience for all. If you’re considering one of our charter vacations, then here is your chance to get a better understanding of what’s on offer and what you’ll experience during your break.

Your Yacht Charter Holiday

All our guests begin with direct transfer from the airport to the marina in Athens and then it’s time to step into luxury. Welcome aboard your boat, motor or sailing dependent on your choice, with a delicious cocktail and from here it’s time to depart and head out to the first of our Greek islands. We give our guests the chance to truly relax, unwind and get to their new surroundings. Explore the beautiful island, enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner and even consider a dip in the sea or paddle along the coast. Your first day will end with beautiful scenes across the ocean and the serene setting sun.

The next day begins again with scrumptious food with delicious pancakes, fresh marmalade and many other options available. Once again, you’ll have the chance to explore another beautiful Greek island and take in the sights in whichever way you choose. Relax on the sands or get a bit more adventurous with the opportunity to enjoy some water sports such as kayaking and paddle-boating, with some of our yachts even equipped with jet-skis. Our luxurious yacht charters are tailored to the needs of our guests and we can be flexible to ensure you enjoy an experience which you will share happily with friends and family on your return. Our charters last one week in total and each day mirrors the last with the chance to explore fascinating new scenery around the Greek Islands and invest time in yourself to relax, learn a new sport or simply indulge in the finest food and drink. Once your trip is over you’ll return to the marina in Athens and transfers back to the airport will be provided as before.

Maximum Comfort aboard Every Boat

Once aboard your boat you’ll be able to relax in sumptuous comfort and luxurious surroundings. Beautiful music and fine food and drink are readily available as you relax. Each day is a chance to explore a new Greek island and the yacht is safely docked in popular marinas or safe docking areas. Our staff are the most welcoming, professional and experienced you will find, and all are ready to help ensure your time with us is absolutely flawless, with only good memories and experiences made.

All our boats have Wi-Fi, so you can instantly upload snaps of your fantastic holiday and satellite TV is also provided for complete relaxation and access to the creature comforts you love and enjoy at home.

Tailored to You

Every one of our yacht charters is build around our guests. Our personalized service ensures all guests enjoy an experience which is individual to their needs and they can access and enjoy everything they want and need. We can adapt our menus, charter courses and more to suit the needs of our guests and are only too happy to listen to any suggestions to ensure the vacation is the best it can possibly be. We appreciate some guests may have food allergies, preferences or other requirements and we work tirelessly to ensure every need is met, if not surpassed.

We can create private yacht charters that are all about relaxation, wining and dining or we can make them more adventurous with water sports, jet skiing and paddling at the heart of what we do. Our dedicated crews are on hand to ensure your experience is exactly what you were hoping for, if not more.