How is a typical cruise ? What is a typical program ?



Coffee / Tea

Marmalade toast

Eggs / Ham / Cheese / Bacon

Fresh juices (orange, pineapple, or grapefruit, etc ..)

Outdoor activities*

Kayak / Paddle


Wave ski / Water ski

Wind Surfing

Jet ski

Snorkeling / Fishing

Indoor activities*


Spa, Jacuzzi



Etc ..

* depending on boat equipment – check out specific equipment on each boat specification page.. 



Fine and Quality gourmet meals prepared by the onboard cook team

Entries / Main Dish / Dessert / Cafe

Outdoor activities*

(same as above)

Indoor activities*

(same as above)

The Yacht will usually move once a day to reach another island or destination, for a few hours trip (usually 1-3hours max), in accordance with your own preferences, and captain suggestions.



(similar as Lunch)

If you have any specific preferences or dietary restrictions , just let us know before departure …


TV, games, Music, Movies, etc .. (depending on boat equipment)

Going out onshore if you wish

At any time, you might also decide to go onshore to visit a village, explore an island, enjoy a party, etc ..

Can you organize the transfers from / to the Athens international airport (ATH)?

Yes, of course we do.

Cost is around 100-150$ one way from Athens International airport (code ATH)  to the Marina (depending on the marina location)

In some cases, this cost is also included in the rental price – please inquire us about this ..

Is the price all included, or are there other fees ?

Our price are ALL Included (no hidden fees, fuel, dock, cleaning fees, etc.. are also included)

What is the minimum rental time ?

The minimum rental time is usually for one week (from saturday to saturday)

But for some boats, and depending of our planning, we may also offer 3 days or more rental time – please inquire us about this, if interested

When is the best time to come in Greece ?

Anytime between Mid-April and Mid-October is a great time to come in Greece. July and August are the hottest months (around 29°C)

Average Air Temperature :

April 15-20°C

May 20-25°C

June 25-30°C

July // August 28-32°C

September 24-28°C

October 18-24°C

Average Water Temperature :

April 16°C

May 19°C

June 22°C

July // August 25°C

September 24°C

October 22°C


For more info about weather in Greece, check out this page : 

What is the payment process to make a reservation ?

We ask for a 50% deposit to make a reservation, by wire transfer (EUR or USD). And then, we require a 100% balance payment one month before departure.